Amateur or high-level sportsman, UNIL and EPFL join forces to offer you the best facilities to practice your activity.
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Mens sana in corpore sano

In an idyllic setting on the shores of Lake Geneva, the two universities pursue the same objective: that everyone may incorporate a thoughtful physical activity into their lifestyle. Lausanne University Sports cover the whole range of what sport offers today. A team of truly dedicated people supervises students’ and staff’s physical activities. Many events and activities organized by the Sports Department and the Staff Sports Commission also punctuate the school year.

Sport on campus

Vue du centre sportif universitaire lausannois

UNIL/EPFL Sports Service

Discover more than 125 disciplines supervised by a team of 300 instructors.

Sport and Health Center

The Center helps to strengthen the links between research, teaching and sports practice.

Sessions sportives


On your campus, and thanks to the support of the DSE and the EPFL Sustainability Unit, the SUL offers you the SESSIONS. Take 30 minutes out of your lunch break to practice a sports activity, a mindfulness session or a “back session” with a physiotherapist.