Sports and physical activity

We are promoting a healthy campus where everyone can benefit from sporting activities tailored to their needs.
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A campus in motion

We want a campus in motion, where everyone can enjoy the benefits of regular physical activity, adapted to their level. We think it’s important to promote sport, not just for physical and mental health, but also because it’s a way of building relationships. Links that are interpersonal, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary. As a science and technology university, we encourage sports-related research, and not just for the benefit of athletes. We want to develop innovations that improve the well-being of each and every one of us, because a healthy campus is a campus on the move.

A benchmark institution at cantonal, national and international level, the Service Sport Santé UNIL+EPFL (SSUE) focuses on sustainable health and offers a variety of physical activities to get the Lausanne academic community moving in the exceptional setting of the Dorigny Sports Centre. The service invites students and staff from UNIL and EPFL to work out together in an open environment that respects differences.


Performance, health and fun. Innovations in the field of sport don’t just boost the performance of athletes, they can improve the lives of everyone. To date, more than 40 EPFL laboratories have been involved in sports-related research, focusing on 5 pillars: quantification of the self, new-generation equipment, measurement of movement and position, data analysis and the spectator experience.

Sports practice

Courses for all

The Service Sport Santé UNIL+EPFL offers courses in more than 125 disciplines, open to the whole community on registration.

Elite sports

Support programmes and facilities specially designed for elite sportsmen and women.

EPFL Sessions

Every week, free 30-minute SESSIONS are offered to all members of the EPFL community, to help them relax and enjoy physical activity on a daily basis.

Leisure activities and BoxUp

On the EPFL campus, you’ll find ping pong tables, petanque courts, a street workout and two Box-Ups where you can use sports and leisure equipment free of charge.


Health days

The aim of this event is to bring the university community together around the issue of mental and physical health, and to demonstrate the importance of taking care of one’s body and mind. In 2024, it will take place from 30 September to 4 October on the EPFL campus and from 7 to 11 October on the UNIL campus.

Student sports events

Find out about competitions and tournaments dedicated to students, such as PolySports, the Students’ Games and E-Bou, an e-sport tournament.

Events for the entire community

Whether it’s volleyball, dance, badminton or running, the Service Sport Santé UNIL+EPFL organises and supports sporting events that take place in a fair and festive atmosphere.

AGEPoly events

AGEPoly’s sports team aims to get students moving throughout the year.