Applying Technology to Sport

EPFL has long been involved in bold technological initiatives. In the field of sports, it has given scientific advice on several major projects, and its various laboratories have taken part in experiments to convert EPFL’s expertise more effectively into practical applications. These projects have shown the full range of what EPFL has to offer to the sports world.

The EPFL labs involved in such projects work as an extension of the design teams. A critical aspect of this form of partnership is that the researchers must not only get involved in the fundamental research, but also in technology transfer. Effective collaboration depends on dialogue between the researchers, the design teams and the associated businesses.

  • The design team is responsible for the project as a whole. This team of specialists plans the project and puts together the expertise required to complete it.
  • The businesses involved have the capacity and skills required to manufacture the various items needed in the project.
  • Research teams work in close cooperation with the design team and businesses. The results of their research are made available to the various project partners.

These collaborations enable EPFL’s laboratories to interact with external experts and give a tremendous boost to researchers and students alike. And because they allow research to be validated in the field, they represent a unique opportunity for technology transfer.

Smart Move is an association of 9 academic institutions. The Smart Move network draws on these entities to provide expertise and facilities to athletes’ intent on improving their performance and to sports federations and individual companies seeking to enhance their own activities in this area. Smart Move also offers a wide range of training and research services.