Applying Technology to sport

EPFL has long been involved in bold technological initiatives that have earned it international recognition. The field of sports is no exception. We have backed several large-scale sports-related projects – such as Alinghi, Hydros and Rivages – where our cutting-edge research helped teams excel in real-world competitions. These projects illustrate how our expertise can benefit the entire sports community.

Sports innovations don’t just boost athletes’ performance, they can improve everyone’s life.


Over 30 of our labs have gotten involved in sports-related research, focusing on topics like the quantified self, next-generation equipment, motion and position measurement, data analysis and the spectator experience. To read more download our brochure.

Developing advanced, sports-related technology often requires input from a variety of disciplines. By working together towards a common goal, research teams can consolidate their know-how and come up with integrated, pioneering solutions. We encourage and support collaborative projects among EPFL’s labs and with members of the SmartMove network in an effort to develop cross-disciplinary solutions to complex challenges.

Our projects are designed to help everyone – not just professional athletes – in areas like nutrition, motion, physiology, psychology and the use of various types of equipment. For example, the systems and devices we create can help sedentary people lead more active lives, encourage teenagers to get involved in sports and reduce the risk of injury among amateur athletes.

The sports industry is becoming increasingly professional and giving rise to new types of jobs. EPFL and its Smart Move partners offer a range of educational programs in many sports-related disciplines. These programs are designed to open up new career opportunities for our graduates.

The Lausanne region boasts a vibrant sports ecosystem with excellent facilities and a long list of annual events, from local, open competitions all the way up to international championships. These facilities and events are great opportunities for participants from across the sports industry – athletes, sports clubs, startups, established companies and researchers – to collaborate. EPFL’s joint Sport and Health Center with UNIL has begun conducting sports-related research, including for the Youth Olympic Games. This progress shows that our approach is working. The technologies we are developing, with the support of experts from various fields, will help everyone get more out of their favorite sport.


Smart Move is an association of 9 academic institutions. The Smart Move network draws on these entities to provide expertise and facilities to athletes’ intent on improving their performance and to sports federations and individual companies seeking to enhance their own activities in this area. Smart Move also offers a wide range of training and research services.

Mrs Silke walking with an exoskeleton

The Vice-Presidency for Innovation supports the Cybathlon through its sport initiative, part of the SmartMove network. The Cybathlon demonstrates how a sporting event can stimulate research and development, generate knowledge useful to society, and open up economic prospects by fostering an entrepreneurial spirit.


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