Monitoring social interactions

The goal of this project is to show how existing cameras can turn into privacy-safe sensors to monitor social interactions in transportation hubs.

In our recent paper [1], we have shown that we can use any camera to locate humans in 3D and recognize their social interactions (e.g., whether two people are talking to each other, or raising their hands), and even verify compliance with the recent safety measures due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Thanks to our collaboration with La Poste, we will be able to demonstrate the impact of our work in their transportation hubs.

The four-month project is led by the VITA lab, led by Professor Alexandre Alahi and sponsored by La Poste.

[1] Bertoni, L., Kreiss, S., Alahi, A. (2021). Perceiving humans: from monocular 3d localization to social distancing, in IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems.

More information

Principal investigator Prof. Alexandre Alahi
Sponsor La Poste
Period 2021
Laboratory VITA