Claudio Leonardi. Head of Clip-Air project at EPFL since 2009, Claudio Leonardi is in charge of the architecture, the structure and the management of the project. He also manages coordination and development in the fields covered by the Clip-Air project: transportation, mechanics, structure, architecture and sociology. Lecturer at EPFL, he teaches a course on the construction of the habitat on Mars.
Claudio Leonardi has already been involved in a number of major projects, including Solar Impulse, where he was involved in the construction of the flight simulator and the creation of the first virtual images. He has also collaborated with Yves Rossy aka Jetman. With over 10 years of experience as a pilot in private aviation, he remains thoroughly amazed by the miracle of flight, in all its expressions.

Christian Roecker is a scientific consultant for Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory at EPFL. Electrical engineer and photovoltaic specialist, he has taken part in several projects at the EPFL, such as Stratxx and Solar Impulse. Within the Clip-Air project he acts as a general consultant.

Captain Jean Regamey has 35 years of flying experience. He is an instructor in the field of human factors for cockpit and cabin crews as well as for aircraft mechanics. He took part in the creation of airline companies and founded a technical review for professional pilots. Autor of publications on flight safety and security. Auditor for quality monitoring in companies’ operational sector. External expert for Master student projects in the airport sector at EPFL.

Pénélope Leyland is a senior project leader in aeronautics and aerospace engineering in close collaboration with European industrial partners. She has more than 35 years of experience in these fields, and is well known in the international scientific community.

Michel Bierlaire. As director of the Transport and Mobility Laboratory at the Transportation Center at EPFL, Michel Bierlaire is the principal investigator for the Clip-Air project. He holds a PhD in mathematical sciences and is an expert in modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex transportation systems. He was also the supervisor of Bilge Atasoy’s PhD thesis.