Hospitality for walking

This focused short-term mandate with CERTU is for a six-month study on how to ensure urban environments may become more amenable to walking.

The aim of this research is to develop a pratical toolbox that enhances the pleasure of walking in the city, namely collecting examples of best practice from around the world on walking promotion measures that encourage people to walk longer and more often.

Sonia Lavadinho (TRANSP-OR laboratory) is heading this research study, with the collaboration of laboratories LASUR and CHOROS. This report will give birth to a publication to be widely distributed through the CERTU network, aimed as food for thought for decision-makers, politicians, urban and traffic planners, architects as well as landscape and urban designers.

Principal investigator Sonia Lavadinho
Sponsor CERTU
Period 2010
External collaboration ENS-LSH Lyon
Collaboration TRACE