Real-time pollution monitoring

This project aims to explore a new dimension of an urban air pollution monitoring.

CAROLINA (City mAp thRough cOLlaborative sensIng aNd Analysis) aims to monitor urban air pollution and re-shape urban mobility based on minimizing the number of people exposed to the threshold values of harmful air pollution in European cities.

Its unique value proposition is to make citizens a part of the collaborative urban air pollution monitoring system, based on the statement that users are producers, not only consumers. This allows to provide them with the opportunity to engage in the decision-making process of urban air quality in European cities.

The idea of the CAROLINA project is based on the convergence of several research activities from partners involved in the domain of the automotive, intelligent transport systems, and energy sectors and the city of Istanbul as a clear example of rapid urbanization, which has experienced air pollution problems since 1980s and are not yet successfully solved.

This one-year project is carried out by the Urban Transportation Systems Laboratory (LUTS) and is part of the EIT Urban Mobility.

Principal investigator Prof. Nikolas Geroliminis (Swiss side)
Sponsor EIT Urban Mobility
Period 2020
Laboratory LUTS
External partners Automotive technology Center of Galicia, City of Istanbul, Technical University of Catalonia,
Istanbul IT and Smart Technologies Inc.
Collaboration TRACE