Coordination of autonomous vehicles at intersections

This project aims at coordinating autonomous vehicles efficiently at intersections by combining predictive and reactive methods. The proposed approaches will be validated on real cars.

The crossing of autonomous vehicles at intersections constitutes a major challenge in terms of safety and diversity of the traffic conditions. This project aims at developing coordination approaches combining predictive and reactive methods already investigated by the project partners.

The coordination approaches will be validated on real cars with a special focus on the interplay between autonomous and regular vehicles entering crowded intersections or roundabouts.

The Coordination and Interaction Systems Group (REACT) lead by Dr. Denis Gillet will conduct this project in collaboration with scientists from MINES ParisTech. Its first aim is on investigating coordination algorithms that could take advantage of the autonomy of the vehicles in crossing the intersections without any change in the infrastructure.

This four-year project will be carried out in the context of the MINES ParisTech Chair on automated driving “Drive for all”, sponsored by Safran, Groupe PSA, and Valeo. A PhD student will conduct the project.

Investigateur principal Dr. Denis Gillet
Sponsor MINES ParisTech Foundation (Safran, Groupe PSA, Valeo)
Period 2015-19
Laboratory REACT
Collaboration TRACE