Aircraft noise reduction technologies and related environmental impact

The aim of this project is the development of enabler technologies for the low-noise future aircrafts.

ARTEM (Aircraft noise Reduction Technologies and related Environmental iMpact) constitutes a holistic approach for noise reduction for future aircrafts and provides enablers for the expected further increase of air traffic. This four-year project started in December 2017 and is funded by the European Commission‘s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. It gathers 23 industrial and academic partners including EPFL.

At EPFL the project will be carried on by the Acoustic Group of the Signal Processing Laboratory LTS2, led by Hervé Lissek. His contribution consists on developing an electroacoustic transducer concept in plasma technology adapted to the active acoustic liner concept developed in previous projects. LTS2 Acoustic Group has a renowned expertise in electroacoustics especially in active noise control, leading to the development of practical concepts for active acoustic impedance control aiming at low-frequency sound absorption. The Swiss Plasma Center at EPFL and the EPFL start-up EADS are also participating in the project.

Principal investigator Hervé Lissek
Sponsor H2020 – European Commission
Period 2017-2021
Laboratories LTS2, SPC