Analysis of the operation of the Atlantic Axis railways lines

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the operating situation of SNCF’s Atlantic Axis lines and to propose improvement measures.

On 1 July 2017, a new traffic plan – lines and timetables – was put into service on the Atlantic coast of the French rail network. The first six months of operation revealed that the regularity objectives were not achieved. As a result, SNCF Mobilités commissioned the SMA consulting firm and EPFL to carry out a two-phase mission. The first is to analyze the main initial causes of delays and their spread. The second aims to propose levers enabling a significant reduction in the number and amplitude of delays and to further develop the actions that SNCF Mobilités can undertake internally.

This project has a duration of 4 months and will be conducted at EPFL by Daniel Emery of the Transport and Mobility Laboratory.

Project manager Daniel Emery
Sponsor SNCF Mobilities
Period 2018
Laboratory TRANSP-OR
Partner SMA
Collaboration TRACE