ITS-based tools for intelligent urban mobility

The aims of the project are to develop innovative solutions for intelligent urban mobility to address the urban mobility challenges.

In this project three leading research teams collaborate with the aims at developing innovative solutions for intelligent urban mobility challenges. The collaborating partners, EPFL, IFSTTAR and QUT, have complementary expertise and common vision and interest for ITS research. To achieve the aforementioned objectives, the project is designed to harmonise the research program by exchange of information, ideas, resources etc. between three strong research institutes in Switzerland, France and Australia.

The project addresses its research goals by dividing the work into three research-oriented working groups as follows:

  • Integrated real-time traffic information group focuses on development of methodologies for: a) short-term travel time prediction for different modes and networks; b) travel time variability; and c) real-time multimodal traveller information and real-time routing.
  • Network efficiency and vulnerability modelling group focuses on the a) optimising the observability of urban traffic system; b) understand and assess the effect of adverse weather conditions on road networks; and c) develop response strategy to mitigate the impacts of weather on road networks.
  • Cooperative traffic management group focuses on a) active traffic management algorithms such as coordinated ramp metering, VSL etc.; b) traffic signal optimization; and c) traffic simulation modelling for testing and evaluating emerging cooperative systems.

This project will last three years and will be carried out by the Urban Transport Systems Laboratory (LUTS) and the Traffic Facilities Laboratory (LAVOC). It is sponsored by the European Commission.

Principal investigator Prof. Nikolas Geroliminis
Project manager Prof. Nour Eddin El Faouzi
Sponsor European Union (EU-FP7)
Period 2011-2014
Laboratories LUTS, LAVOC
External partners QUT (Australia), IFSTTAR (France)
Collaboration TRACE