How to make building sites acceptable?

This project proposes a preliminary study to identify themes and research questions related to the acceptability of urban building sites.

For fifteen years, the perception of urban building sites tends to degrade in Europe, whether it concerns inconvenience they cause, their impact on mobility, or the constraints they impose on residents.

This project addresses this issue by asking: How residents perceive urban building sites and what to do to make them acceptable for them and for the users of the city? In response, a preliminary study will identify themes and specific research questions, for greater research.

This project with a total of 8 months will be managed by the Urban Sociology Laboratory, led by Professor Vincent Kaufmann. The LASUR will be responsible for the definition of the survey and the analysis of the results. NOMADS SA will perform the data collection. The project is funded by COLAS.

Principal investigator Prof. Vincent Kaufmann
Period 2016
Laboratory LASUR
External partner NOMADES SA