Potential of car-sharing and on-demand buses in Lausanne area

The aim of this project is to measure the potential development of a self-service electric cars and on-demand electric shuttle system in the Lausanne area.

Is there room for an electric car-sharing offer and on-demand buses in the Lausanne area? This is the question that will be addressed by the LASUR and Transportation Center in partnership with Bolloré’s group. These two potential new services will be considered in the light of existing services and in addition to alternative modes.

This research will first assess the trend that characterizes the evolution of the modal practices in the Lausanne area in order to identify the potential users . It will then consider whether the Lausanne urban context is favorable to this type of new transportation offering. Finally, it will analyze the potential development of these offers.

This research project will last three months and is supervised by the Transportation Center and carried out by 6t – Bureau de recherche and the Urban Sociology Laboratory. It is sponsored by Bolloré’s group.

Principal investigators Michaël Thémans, Prof. Vincent Kaufmann
Project manager Nicolas Louvet
Sponsor Bolloré
Period 2012-2013
Laboratories LASUR, TRACE
External partner 6t – Bureau de recherche (France)