Automated organizational design and optimization

This project aims at developing a methodology and an automated software platform to optimize organization design scenarios based on the existing situation, future needs and constraints of a business.

Organizations under pressure must act quickly and take decisions about their business. In these situations, Organization Design (OD) becomes crucial and leaders must propose justifiable changes to the business. OD is currently carried out manually by consultants who gather and analyze large data sets based on industry best practices. However, OD is a complex problem, and consultants often use practices which do not fit all situations.

The aim of the project is to develop an advanced analytics algorithm to propose OD scenarios based on the existing situation, constraints, and future needs of a business. These scenarios will support organizations in shaping their future by optimizing their structure and operating models. The algorithm will be developed by the Transportation and Mobility Laboratory (TRANSP-OR) of EPFL while developing the user interface into the CLEAP platform so that the solution is readily marketable at the end of the project.

This eighteen-month project is led by TRANSP-OR, directed by Prof. Michel Bierlaire. It is financed by Innosuisse.

Principal investigator Prof. Michel Bierlaire
Project managers Tim Hillel, Nour Dougui
Sponsor Innosuisse
External partner Cleap SA
Period 2019-21
Laboratory TRANSP-OR
Collaboration TRACE