Roadmap for the implementation of BIM in the State of Geneva

This project aims at establishing a roadmap for the implementation of BIM for the Geneva’s administration.

The construction sector, and the building construction sector in particular, are now confronted with the challenges of digital transformation. Almost all projects are digital. Now what are the next steps, in particular within administrative procedures? These changes include not only the preliminary design, project design and construction phases but also the handover of the finished building ready for use, all within a collaborative design mode supported by the BIM (Building Information Modeling).

In order to accelerate this transition, and in particular the implementation of the future Law for the complete digitization of building authorization processes (Loi pour la numérisation complète des processus d’autorisations de construire), the State of Geneva wishes to introduce the BIM method into its services.

This four-month project aims to establish a roadmap running from Autumn 2017 to the end of 2021 describing the implementation of BIM within the State of Geneva’s Council framework. It is led by the Laboratory of Digital Culture for Architectural Projects (CNPA), a reference in the development of the BIM process, in collaboration with three companies, Swiss-BIM, Arx IT and Gambi-M.

Principal investigator Prof. Bernard Cache
Project manager
Régis Widmer
Sponsor Etat de Genève
Period 2017
Laboratory CNPA
External partners Swiss-BIM, Arx IT, Gambi-M
Collaboration TRACE