Impactful projects which benefited from EPFL expertise and the region’s ecosystem
Exoskeleton race

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The Lausanne region is well-known in sporting circles around the world because it is home to the International Olympic Committee and many sports federations. 

But that masks another important fact, that a number of local academic institutions (organized in the academic network for sports called Smart Move), startups and established companies operate in sports related fields and conduct pioneering R&D. This makes the region a first choice location for project developments.

Over the years, this vibrant sports ecosystem demonstrated its excellence in many events, international sport adventure, and competitions demonstrating that our approach is working.



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In January 2020, almost 2,000 athletes aged 18 and under descended on Lausanne and the surrounding area for the Youth Olympic Games. EPFL, in partnership with the University of Lausanne (UNIL) and Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV), used this unique opportunity to test a series of technologies developed in the lab before bringing them to the general public.

Discovery projects

EPFL has long been involved in bold technological initiatives, leveraging its expertise at the international level. In the field of sports, our School has provided scientific support to several major projects including Alinghi, Hydros and Rivages, applying our expertise to real-world challenges. These research projects have shown the full extent of what our School has to offer to the sports community.
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Alinghi (2000-2010)

Solar impulse (2003-2016)

l’Hydroptère – Hydros (2006-2017)

Rivage (2010-2012)

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