Creative state of the art on mobility

This research project aims to conduct a creative state of the art on selected topics in the field of mobility namely the lifestyles and experiencing mobility, its territorial and imaginaries dimensions.

What do we exactly know about all recent changes in terms of mobility in our societies? How can we assess these changes over the last decade and how can research be linked to users and artists in this field?  The main goal of this work is to synthesize the current state of knowledge in selected mobility domains in order to identify the associated significant issues.

From a methodological viewpoint,  this research is based on a strong empirical, theoretical as well as innovative aspects by analyzing artists’ approach of mobility.

The expected results will allow us to assess the actual knowledge of recent societal changes linked to mobility and to provide conceptual tools to be used for new empirical implementations. This project should then facilitate the production of original work like a practical collaboration between researchers, artists and users around these issues. By integrating artwork to scientific and experts’ contributions, this research aims to stress the importance of imaginaries and emotions in mobility and to introduce an artistic dimension to rethink future actions and projects related to mobility.

Creative state of the art on mobility will last 15 months and is conducted by the Laboratory of Urban Sociology  (LASUR) of Professor Vincent Kaufmann and managed by Hanja Maksim. It is one of the leading projects in the framework of a strategic collaboration with Forum Vies Mobiles, a think tank initiated and sponsored by the SNCF.

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Principal investigator Prof. Vincent Kaufmann
Project manager Hanja Maksim
Sponsor SNCF/Forum Vies Mobiles
Period 2011-2012
Laboratories Forum vies mobiles, LASUR
Collaboration TRACE