New noise reduction technologies

This European project aims at developing new noise reduction technologies from aeronautics, surface transport and wind energy.

The aim of this project, called Smartanswer, is to setup a research and training platform, focused on innovative noise control approaches, addressing the actual industrial shortcomings. It has the following objectives: i) fostering a training-through-research network of young researchers, who will investigate promising emerging technologies and will be trained with the inter-disciplinary skills required in an innovation process, and ii) bringing in a coordinated research environment industrial stakeholders from the aeronautical, automotive, wind turbine and cooling/ventilation sectors.

At EPFL, the project will be carried on by the Acoustic Group of the Signal Processing Laboratory LTS2, led by Hervé Lissek. LTS2 Acoustic Group has a renowned expertise in electroacoustics especially in active noise control, leading to the development of practical concepts for active impedance control aiming at low-frequency sound absorption.

Principal investigator Hervé Lissek
Sponsor H2020 – European Commission
Period 2017-2021
Laboratory LTS2