Transforming railway stations into Mobility Hubs

This project joint ETHZ-EPFL-SBB project aims at transforming the existing system of railway stations into mobility hubs.

The Swiss Federal Railways wants to transform the complete system of their railway stations, local commerce, inner-city traffic carriers and their urban connections into mobility hubs. Mobility hubs should be places of connectivity where different modes of transportation come together not only with each other but also with the surrounding areas where people work and live. With around 300 mobility hubs in various different contexts, no fully standardized solution for the system transformation is possible.

The proposed project will focus on three case studies: Bern Wankdorf, Nyon and Basel Badischer Bahnhof. Based on detailed analyses in each of the cases, methods will be developed iteratively that allow both addressing the process (coordinating all stakeholders to deliver the expected economic and social benefits ) and information (gathering data and information that help decision-makers understand the socio-technical character of mobility hubs, now and in the future) challenge.

Draft versions of the methods will be validated within each of the cases, discussed with an overarching board and thus methods will be stepwise refined and generalized to be in the end applicable across the approx. 300 different mobility hubs in Switzerland.

This two-year transdisciplinary project is coordinated by professor Michael Stauffacher from ETHZ in collaboration with the Swiss Federal Railways. EPFL will contribute by providing conceptual input over the whole project and implement the proposed work for case study in Nyon. The project is sponsored by the Swiss Federal Railways.

Principal investigator Michael Stauffacher (ETHZ)
Project team Paola Viganò (EPFL), Derek Christie (EPFL), Cédric Wehrle (EPFL), David Kaufmann (ETHZ),
Michael Wicki (ETHZ), Thomas Bernauern (ETHZ), Michael Stauffacher (ETHZ), Stefan Müller (ETHZ)
Partners ETHZ, SBB
Period 2020-2021
Laboratories LAB-U, LCC, LASUR