Analysis of household travel survey 2010 for Lausanne and Geneva

The objective of this project is to perform specific analysis based on the data coming from the Household Travel Survey (2010) in order to better understand mobility patterns in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva.

Since 1994, the Federal Statistical Office has been leading a census on transport and mobility every five years. The last one was done in 2010 and provides the most comprehensive data on mobility in Switzerland. The states of Vaud and Geneva have decided to do a joint regional analysis of this data in order to answer their specific needs. They have mandated the EPFL (TRACE) and the “Observatoire universitaire de la mobilité” (UNIGE) to perform the analysis.

The first phase of the project consists on cleaning the data and making it compatible with the previous surveys and with each canton’s processing systems. This work is also done for the cantons of Neuchatel and Jura. The second phase is the analysis and the interpretation of the present and past data. Its evolution will allow to identify major trends in terms of mobility in urban areas and understand what has changed and why. The analysis will also help the public authorities to make forecasts and plan what infrastructures will be needed for the next decades.

This research project will last nine months and is conducted by the Urban Sociology Laboratory (LASUR) and the Urban and regional planning community (CEAT) under the supervision of Sébastien Munafò. It is sponsored by the State of Vaud, State of Geneva, State of Jura, State of Neuchâtel, Transports publics de la region lausannoise (TL), Transports publics genevois (TPG).

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Principal investigator Prof. Vincent Kaufmann
Project managers Michaël Thémans, Sébastien Munafò
Sponsors State of Vaud, State of Geneva, State of Jura, State of Neuchâtel, TL, TPG
Period 2012-2013
Laboratories TRACE, LASUR, CEAT
Academic collaboration OUM/UNIGE