Potentials for modal shift toward public transport in greater Nice

This project measures the potential for modal shift towards public transport in the greater Nice and constructs typologies of mode choice decisions in order to identify the mobility choices that shape the multimodal city and make recommendations on the necessary improvements leading towards a rise in public transport use.

Veolia Transport Alpes Maritimes is very active in the Nice region, having implemented already several of these innovative solutions, such as simplified ticketing and customer mobility centers, as well as a light rail system that has encouraged a profound facelift of the public spaces within the city.

Light rail is also an eco-friendly transit option, as a light rail trip emits 4.61 times less CO2 than the same trip in a private car. Given this multimodal context, the research project led by LASUR aims to establish a typology of the different mobility patterns in the Greater Nice, and to identify the potentials for modal shift towards public transport in this area.

To better understand the current mobility practices and perceptions of the different transport modes, a thorough analysis of the Household Travel Survey (EMD Nice) will be carried out, that will compare Nice with the other 19 French cities where EMD figures are available, and allow for detailed analyses of key socio-demographic segments of the population that show a higher willingness to engage in a modal shift towards public transport.

Principal investigator Vincent Kaufmann
Project managers Michaël Thémans, Sébastien Munafò
Sponsor Veolia Transport Alpes Maritimes
Period 2010 (6 months)
Collaboration TRACE