Swisscom Digital Lab 3D digital mock-up

The Laboratory of Digital Culture for Architectural Projects (CNPA) has produced a digital 3D model of the Swisscom Digital Lab, based at EPFL Innovation Park, using BIM (Building Information Modeling) software tools.

Swisscom plans to document the positions of the smart building sensors (presence and movements of persons, luminosity, temperature…) and to link the data produced by these with their spatial position. The project enables the Swisscom Digital Lab to locate and visualize the sensors in its premises.

This model will also allow an interoperability test to be carried out between the digital mock-up of the building in the standard format of BIM tools (Industry Foundation Classes IFC) and the facility management platform used by Swisscom.

The model is presented using a virtual reality device enabling the spectator to be immersed in the digital space.

Principal investigator Bernard Cherix
Sponsor Swisscom
Period 2017
Laboratory CNPA
Collaboration TRACE