Autonomous driving: the role of human

The focus of this european funded research programme is how human users interact with autonomous vehicles.

ADAS&ME is a european-funded research program that will develop adapted Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, that incorporate driver state, situational/environmental context, and adaptive interaction to automatically transfer control between vehicle and driver and thus ensure safer and more efficient road usage.

The focus of this research is the human, and in particular how the user interacts with the autonomous vehicle. Researchers are to develop robust detection/prediction algorithms that can detect when the driver is tired, ill or under the influence of strong emotions – such stress or anger – that can affect the ability to drive. The EPFL Signal Processing Laboratory 5 (LTS5), led by professeur Jean-Philippe Thiran, will contribue to the project with its strong and renowned expertise in image analysis, signal and data processing.

This 42 months project involves 30 partners from 11 different countries.

Principal investigator Prof. Jean-Philippe Thiran
Sponsor European Union (H2020)
Period 2016-2020
Laboratory LTS5
External partners Consortium of 30 partners
Collaboration TRACE