Optimization of operations of a one-way car-sharing scheme

This project aims at managing and operating in an optimal way a fleet of electric car-sharing vehicles. A case study will be held in Grenoble.

Electric car one-way car-sharing implies restrictions on the length of use and the availability of charging points at the different stations and parking spots. Given expected future growth, this project will have as objective to properly manage the operations in a more centralized way when the demand will be higher and system imbalances stronger.

One of the major challenges ahead will be to manage the upcoming investments prudently with an analytical and observation-driven decision making process. To successfully manage the diversity of situations the operator will have to face, complex relocation optimization algorithms have to be developed including flexibility in and the size of personnel and type of relocations while keeping high reliability for the services provided to the customers.

The Urban Transport Systems Laboratory (LUTS) will investigate strategies for expanding the new services around the city of Grenoble and prepare for a field implementation. LUTS will provide a new strategic, planning and operational analysis for an efficient and cost-effective operation of a one-way car sharing system.

This twelve-month project is conducted by the LUTS research team, Martin Repoux, Mor Kaspi and Nikolas Geroliminis. It is sponsored by Toyota.

Principal investigator Prof. Nikolas Geroliminis
Sponsor Toyota
Period 2017-2018
Laboratory LUTS
Collaboration TRACE