Nyon Paléo Festival without car

In 2014, rain and bad weather conditions flooded the parking facilities at the Nyon Paléo Festival and the organization had to close them. How do festivalgoers managed to access the concert sites? This is the question that a survey led by the Laboratory of Urban Sociology (LASUR) will answer.

A previous study conducted in 2012 by the LASUR showed that, on average, 56% of the festivalgoers came by car. The present study aims at evaluating the impact of the “plan pluie” on the mobility patterns of festivalgoers and on the chosen transportation modes. The survey campaign will be carried out with an online questionnaire. Results will be compared to those from 2012.

Press release

Principal investigator Prof. Vincent Kaufmann
Project manager Emmanuel Ravalet
Sponsor Association Paléo
Period 2014
Laboratory LASUR
Collaboration TRACE