Smart trolleys for intermodality hubs


This project aims at deploying smart luggage trolleys at the Zurich main station as a proof of concept for supporting easier navigation and mobility between platforms.

Swiss Federal Railways is carrying out the deployment of digital solutions in the Zurich main station in the framework of the Digitalswitzerland challenge on Smart Station. At EPFL, the React Group is carrying out investigations related to autonomous and connected vehicles. In this framework, new intermodality solutions based on the exploitation of smart lightweight vehicles and associated digital services are proposed.

Vehicles currently considered are autonomous and connected segways, as well as smart luggage trolleys. The focus is on the integration of advanced localisation, communication, interaction, motion control, and coordination layers for efficient operation and broad adoption. The proof of concept on the deployment of smart luggage trolleys will take place in the Zurich main station.

This seven months project is carried out by the React Group of Denis Gillet. It is sponsored by Swiss Federal Railways.

Principal Investigator Denis Gillet
Period 2017-2018
Laboratory REACT
Collaboration TRACE