Interoperability platform between Building Information Modeling and Building Energy Modeling

The BIM×BEM platform aims to reduce the time and cost of developing analysis models and optimize building performance.

Building Energy Modeling (BEM) is an analytical method for reducing the consumption and CO2 emissions in building design. However, it is often conducted too late in the process. At the same time, the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in project planning phases is becoming more widespread. This digitization of construction data through a digital model allows the sharing of standard data between all the actors of a project.

The interaction between the BIM and the BEM still has many technological obstacles and is not adapted to the Swiss energy calculation standards (SIA). This project aims to provide architects and engineers with the most appropriate common platform for exchanging information to analyze buildings more quickly, reduce the cost of simulations, increase the accuracy of analysis models, and achieve the energy performance requirements required by Strategy 2050 and SIA standards.

The project will be carried out through a collaboration between E4tech Software SA, a company that develops software specialising in building energy analysis and certification solutions, and EPFL’s Laboratory of Digital Culture for Architectural Projects (CNPA), which is engaged in the digitisation of the construction sector. The duration of the collaboration is estimated at 24 months. The project is funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation.

Principal investigator Prof. Bernard Cache
Sponsor Commission pour la technologie et l’innovation
Period 2018-2020
Laboratory CNPA
External partner E4tech Software SA
Collaboration TRACE