As part of the school's 50th Anniversary, EPFL has decided to launch its very first fundraising campaign, the 50 Fifty Campaign, and place our most important community, our students, at its core.
This brand-new campaign provides philanthropists with a unique opportunity to directly empower the next generation of brilliant minds.

EPFL aspires to deliver top talent to society at large. Our new Student Support Programme, which is the focus of the 50 Fifty Campaign, will allow us to achieve this by expanding the promotion of outstanding and promising students at all levels to attract the very best talent to study at EPFL.

Philanthropy enables us to continually invest in our future – by recruiting the best minds, providing world-class infrastructure for education and research, as well as encouraging innovation.

Through their generosity, our donors have contributed to state-of-the-art research, cutting edge projects, nurturing talent, and the continuous improvement of our EPFL campus.

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As a Federal Institute, EPFL benefits from a charitable, non-profit status meaning that, in most cases, donations are tax deductible.