EPFL Philanthropy: Student Support Program

Welcome to the Student Support Program which carries EPFL’s values and offers you the unique opportunity to shape tomorrow’s leaders and visionaries.

From developing girls’ interest in coding, supporting entrepreneurship, providing Excellence fellowships and opportunities to increase transversal skills through MAKE projects, or, through leadership training for PhD students, the Student Support Program aims to ignite, attract and equip talent.  

Illustration représentant une route et un vélo roulant dessus. Des arbres et des bancs complètent le paysage

Ignite talent

Inspire curiosity and passion for science in children

Dessin du Rolex Learning Center

Attract talent

Enable students to study at EPFL

Dessin du bâtiment BI, avec des arbres et des bancs autour

Equip talent

Support students to broaden their skillset

EPFL is deeply involved in efforts to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and to inspire girls and boys and their families by showcasing the breadth of possibilities in scientific fields. As a federal university, EPFL has the great privilege to help shape the STEM educational landscape across Switzerland and positively influence its perception.

EPFL is committed to attracting talent by offering students Excellence Fellowships enabling individuals who have the passion and drive to succeed, to dedicate themselves to their studies by being supported financially for the duration of their course.

EPFL students need to be equipped with holistic skills to succeed in our rapidly evolving society. The following initiatives support students to stretch and enhance their transferable skills while consolidating their knowledge.