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Double Deck, a New Teaching Hub at the Heart of EPFL

To accommodate the increasing student population, the Double Deck has been specifically designed to meet the need for additional teaching and study spaces. This project will offer modern, flexible, and sustainable facilities while harmoniously integrating the School’s existing landscape.

The building’s innovative approach will address the challenges of future education, embodying EPFL’s commitment to academic excellence and the well-being of its community.

The Double Deck is a pivotal project that will become the next iconic building on the EPFL Esplanade. It represents a strategic investment in education, for which your support is invaluable.

As a public university, EPFL’s mission is to train the next generation of responsible leaders while contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge and effectively sharing knowledge with society. In just 50 years, EPFL has grown to become a global reference, it has developed its campus and diversified its teaching programme to meet societal needs.

EPFL faces the challenge of unprecedented growth, with a predicted 24,600 students in attendance by 2045. The institution places a strong emphasis on face-to-face teaching, considered essential for quality education. This commitment highlights the desire of the School to create a setting that nurtures these valuable interactions.

The Double Deck project materialises a strategic response to these challenges, combining the improvement of existing infrastructures and the creation of new spaces. Investing in infrastructure is crucial to remaining at the forefront of education and to create an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration and the well-being of students

The growth of EPFL has created a greater need for educational spaces, especially for first year students. This growth has not been reflected however in terms of the school’s facilities, which have not been updated in recent years and now fail to meet the needs of our increasing number of students. This situation presents major challenges for the quality of education and the availability of resources.

Currently, EPFL is faced with very high occupancy levels in its classrooms and study spaces, particularly for the most popular courses. Large lecture halls, designed to accommodate over 200 students, are facing overbooking by 30%, leading to attendance issues. This situation even forces some students to sit in the stairwells, on the floor or in passageways.

Aware of these challenges, EPFL is already beginning to implement measures to address this issue.

At the heart of its Lausanne campus, the project designed by architect Dominique Perrault will mark a new era for education at EPFL.

The Double Deck will mean the creation of 1500 seats in auditoriums through the construction of a new building and the modernisation of the Coupole building. This renovation and expansion of teaching spaces, achieved in a discrete and yet ambitious way, will take place between 2025 and 2028.

Equipped with modular classrooms ranging from 200 to 500 seats, the project aims to create an educational space three times larger than the Rolex Learning Center. This infrastructure not only increases the capacity for classes but also provides collaborative and informal study spaces to meet the diverse needs of students. It has been observed that students come to study on campus even when they do not have classes, highlighting the importance of spaces for study and informal exchange. These additional spaces will ensure a high-quality educational experience, promoting knowledge transfer, discussions, and collaborative learning.

EPFL will thus meet the demand for multifunctional spaces and ensure access to learning environments to allow for the most enriching educational path possible for everyone

The project is the result of close collaboration between students, teachers, and architects, showing EPFL’s commitment to its community. Sustainability is also central for our community, which is reflected in the Double Deck.

Indeed, its green roof will create a protected area, and part of the construction will reuse materials from the demolition of the existing car park underneath the Esplanade, demonstrating a participatory approach to sustainability. Moreover, dedicated pathways for soft mobility will be created on two levels, connecting the different parts of the campus harmoniously.

The Double Deck will be a strong symbol of EPFL’s commitment to sustainable development.

If you wish to contribute to the creation of this new teaching hub, please directly contact: [email protected]