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Supporting students to broaden their skillset

EPFL students need to be equipped with holistic skills to succeed in our rapidly evolving society. The following initiatives support students to stretch and enhance their transferable skills while consolidating their knowledge.

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Summer in the Lab

There is increasing demand among undergraduates for hands-on immersive research experiences within an EPFL lab to discover the professional academic world.

The earlier students are offered practical experience in their educational journey, the greater their opportunities to build bridges between education and research. This two-month lab paid internship during their summer break will provide additional hands-on opportunities for students, and help them shape their future career choice.

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EPFL fosters  a strong student entrepreneurial mindset as a driver for leadership, impact and innovation. Through this programme, students at every stage of their entrepreneurship journey will be supported: from those interested in exploring entrepreneurship through workshops and mentoring, right up to students gearing up to become entrepreneurs with the ambition to launch their own start-up.

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EPFL PhD Excellence Program

Although PhD students already excel in scientific and problem-solving skills,  many would benefit from strengthening their skills in leadership, management, and communication. By establishing this programme, EPFL will further consolidate its reputation as a highly innovative, technical university that provides its PhD students with an education that thoroughly prepares them for professional life in industry, academia or entrepreneurship.

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MAKE projects

As societal challenges are becoming more complex, highly skilled engineers, architects and scientists are increasingly required to have the capacity to work in interdisciplinary teams. MAKE projects are practical interdisciplinary projects led by students and coached by experts.

Through MAKE projects, students develop new skills and some may have the opportunity to participate in large-scale international university competitions and challenges. The program sits in a unique hands-on and prototyping learning environment, the Discovery Learning labs, open 24h/7. Within these dedicated buildings, students have access to state-of-the-art tools, machines and equipment to work on ideas from inception to prototyping. Students receive professional support from in-house technical staff, and industry experts who offer coaching and mentoring, and, support practical skill development which complements their academic knowledge.

In parallel, students learn how to apply essential teamwork and project management skills on real-world cases, which help shape their interdisciplinary knowledge. Through this program, students strengthen dialogue across disciplines and are better equipped to understand what line of work they may be interested in and what role they may like to explore.

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Master students and 2nd and 3rd-year Bachelor students learn the art of knowledge transmission by tutoring 1st-year Bachelor students. Tutors, as well as the students they support, benefit from this initiative. Tutors have teacher training courses to learn how to explain what they have learned, and thereby fine-tune their communication skills, explore empathy and strengthen their general relational skills. Students benefit from their tutor’s own recent student experience and knowledge. Through this peer-to peer approach, talented students understand early on the importance of transferring knowledge, helping others, and the fulfilment it can bring from playing a positive role in their school.

Invitation to partner

Supporting EPFL’s student community to have the best possible learning journey is central to our school. By nurturing today’s bright minds, we help work towards finding solutions for a sustainable future. Play your part in shaping the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow. Join us and become a patron of the Student Support Program.

You could enjoy some of the following benefits :

· Naming rights to an excellence fellowship (Bachelor and Master) ;

· Receiving exclusive invitations to meet the beneficiaries of the Program at the annual thank you event in the presence of the President of EPFL or senior management ;

· Receiving invitations to Student Support Program events ;

· Receiving copies of the Student Support Program Impact Report ;

· Acknowledging your support in EPFL’s online Annual Report and on our website, and in our Student Program Impact Report unless you prefer to remain anonymous.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at [email protected].

EPFL is deeply involved in efforts to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects and to inspire girls and boys and their families by showcasing the breadth of possibilities in scientific fields. As a federal university, EPFL has the great privilege to help shape the STEM educational landscape across Switzerland and positively influence its perception.

EPFL is committed to attracting talent by offering students Excellence Fellowships enabling individuals who have the passion and drive to succeed, to dedicate themselves to their studies by being supported financially for the duration of their course.

EPFL is committed to supporting talent by offering enrolled Bachelor and Master students Hardship Fellowships which enable individuals facing difficult times to dedicate themselves to their studies by receiving an ad hoc financial support.