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Interdisciplinary projects

The challenges that students will be confronted with once they graduate are becoming increasingly complex. Besides requiring solid background in a core discipline, they demand an ability to work at the intersection between a range of fields. Our goal is to give students an opportunity to confront themselves with the challenges posed by interdisicplinarity during their training, giving them a head start in developing the necessary skills they will need in their professional future.

By participating in one of these challenges, students will acquire solid team-working and project management skills and get a first hands-on experience in a real-world project at the same time. These skills will further bolster their core competences.

Students can select from a range of challenges. Although still quite limited in number, these projects will help to identify potential improvements in order to guarantee a high quality educational experience. The long-term objective will be to increase the number of ongoing projects to give as many students as possible an opportunity to gain a first experience on a practical project.

Project submission
Project proposals can be submitted twice a year, in May and October. For any question, please contact Julien Delisle. The submitted form is available at the following adress:

EPFL thanks the Fondation du Domaine de Villette and the Leister Foundation for their generous supports of the MAKE interdisciplinary projects.

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