Resources for building workable prototypes

The goal of the prototyping facilities is to support EPFL students in the fabrication of components for their projects by providing them with professional supervision and fabrication tools.

Makerspace to support open ended projects



Student Prototyping and Outreach Tank


Student Kreativity and Innovation Laboratory

Design Process

EPFL gives access to students to ressources to help them at all steps of the design process. 

Mesi / Yacht Club de Monaco Ff = Francesco Ferri Lb : Luca Butto Recommendation de la Direction Digitale du Yacht Club

Discover the prototyping network

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Who are the coaches the students can ask questions to? What are the different workshops accessible for BA-MA students at EPFL? Is there a database of equipments? How can the students access these resources? Is there other online resources to help students realize projects?

Students can find here the contacts of all the people who can help them in realizing their project. 

Students can find here all the information they need to prototype at EPFL.
What are the different workshops ? A database of equipments and how they can access the workshops/equipements ? 

Students can find here all the online ressources available to help them  realize their project, including MOOCs on prototyping. 

Location and people to contact


Human-Centered Design





Access map