Center for Digital Education

We support teaching and learning through online content, digital tools and learning analytics. We bring the latest learning technology research into everyday practice.

Our mission

The mission of the Center for Digital Education is to explore and exploit the advances in digital technologies for education. Digital technologies encompass content (e.g. online courses, jupyter notebooks, video lectures), tools (e.g. simulations, automatic graders), and data about education at all scales of the education system. The Center for Digital Education supports all stakeholders of EPFL’s education mission: Teachers are our main clients with regards to the production of content and the integration of tools in education. Students are the end-users of the tools and material. We involve Researchers in the analysis of the educational datasets that we are curating.

Educational Technologies at EPFL

Educational Technologies Gallery

Discover the broad range of educational technologies that colleagues have realised: educational videos, simulations, virtual labs and Jupyter notebooks.

Platforms and Services

EPFL’s educational technology infrastructure. Find out which platforms and central services are ready to be used.

Projects, Training and Support

Find out how the Center for Digital Education can help you get the most of educational technologies.


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