Center for Digital Education

We support teaching and learning through online content, digital tools and learning analytics. We bring the latest learning technology research into everyday practice.

Our mission

The mission of the Center for Digital Education is to explore and exploit the advances in digital technologies for education. Digital technologies encompass content (e.g. online courses), tools (e.g. jupyter notebooks, simulations, automatic graders), and data about education at all scales of the education system. The Center for Digital Education provides students with the tools and resources to become more efficient. We help teachers to transform their practices as well as help managers and researchers understand and scale their innovations. The Center for Digital Education supports all stakeholders of EPFL’s education mission: Teachers are our main clients with regards to the production of content and the integration of tools in education. Students are the end-users of the tools and material. We involve Researchers in the analysis of the educational datasets that we are curating.

The Center for Digital Education (CEDE) and Teaching Support Center (CAPE) have setup documentation and a Help Desk to support teachers in adapting their classes to flexible teaching in September 2020.

If you are interested in doing a Master thesis or semester project in data science applied to education, contribute to Campus Analytics and have a look at our current projects.  

Our Services

MOOC Production and Distribution

We are the MOOC Factory at EPFL. We help you design, record, build and distribute your online courses.

Digital Resources for Instruction and Learning

We support educational innovation through the DRIL Fund and centrally hosted services, like Jupyter Notebooks or the Learning Companion, a tool for student self-reflection.

Campus Analytics

We build the datastore and the methods for learning analytics to enhance teaching and learning at EPFL. Do you want to apply data science to education ? We are looking forward to collaborating with you.

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