Call for educational proposals


Do you have an idea for a project in education ? The Associate Vice-Presidency for Education has created two funds to support educational projects. The DRIL fund targets digital resources and the MAKE fund targets project-based learning. The Center for Digital Education (CEDE), the Teaching Support Center (CAPE), the Discovery Learning Laboratories and the Center for Learning Sciences LEARN Center teams will accompany you in formulating, developing and evaluating your projects for maximal impact.

Two annual submissions, in spring and fall, are possible for these funds. Projects will be evaluated by the respective committees.

The funds


The DRIL fund supports teachers in creating digital resources for students to acquire polytechnic skills and core concepts in science and engineering. It also supports the development of digital tools to support students’ problem-solving and teachers’ feedback.


The MAKE fund aims at giving students an opportunity to confront themselves with the challenges posed by interdisciplinarity during their training. Projects give students a head start in developing the necessary skills they will need in their professional future.


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