Since 1st May 2017, a legal basis has been applicable to the Federal Institutes of Technology authorizing them to process personal data for scientific research purposes. This also concerns your student data. However, the use of your data remains strictly governed, requiring the utmost respect of all principles relating to the protection of your personal data.

In order to guarantee the protection of these data and their confidentiality, an EPFL Unit, the Centre for Digital Education (CEDE) is especially dedicated to the preparation and governance of the EPFL units for research. The CEDE examines each research project and ensures that the researchers involved respect the framework conditions.

EPFL has a legal duty to notify all persons of the processing of their data. Furthermore, each scientific project using personal data files is detailed on our dedicated website: You can find all necessary information here, as well as our contact details, should you wish to get in touch with us on this subject.

EPFL will also use its new jurisdiction for research projects aimed at developing tools for assisting study management and improving support offered to students.

As far as possible, data are anonymized prior to their transmission to EPFL researchers. In cases in which access to personal data is necessary, this access will be subject to a strict duty of confidentiality. In no case will the work and results of research projects published allow the reidentification of an individual.

Please refer to EPFL’s General Privacy Policy (EN, FR).

To exercise your Right of Access, please contact us. You will need to use your personal EPFL email address.