Transversal Skills and Career Center

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We pool the efforts of the different EPFL stakeholders to prepare students for their careers through their cursus and through a range of extra-curricular activities related to their future professional life.

The mission of the Transversal Skills and Career Center is to ensure EPFL becomes a career-ready campus, through close collaboration with faculty, staff, student associations, industry and university partners, as well as EPFL alumni. We work to provide all EPFL students opportunities to develop transversal skills needed to become successful leaders in their field.

Teaching transversal skills

In addition to the workshops offered by CAPE, discover resources to facilitate the coaching in hands-on training courses and practical that allow the acquisition of transversal skills.

Prepare for your future career

Get ready for a successful entry in the job market and a fulfilling career through industry internships, specialised workshops, coaching and employer events.


We remain at your disposal for any further question or information.

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