Projects of the SEEN members

Emotions are mainly portrayed as detrimental to moral decision-making in engineering. Nevertheless, emotions have gained increasing attention in engineering ethics education. This project aims to include a targeted moral emotion in engineering ethics cases differently by investigating the impacts on the emotionality of the cases and on engineering students’ moral reasoning.

Deepfakes are becoming more advanced, with potential for both good and harm. Responsibility for their creation is difficult to assign among multiple engineers, and the separation between creators and consumers may result in a lack of empathy. This project aims to teach engineering students ethics through empathy and moral judgement.

While ethical concerns with technology design and development are not new, engineers have to adapt to a range of new challenges with the fast evolving landscape of the digital domain. Building on state of the art approaches in engineering ethics education, the goal of this project is to develop resources and provide support for teachers to integrate digital-specific ethical thinking skills into engineering courses.

The influence of unconscious bias on interactions within teams is an important engineering ethics issue, in both academic and professional contexts. This project proposes (+ documents the impact of) strategies to enable students to work equitably in diverse teams.

Emotion & Engineering Ethics Systematic Review

Emotion is an important concept in engineering ethics education. But there is no synthesis of the field which identifies key themes, concepts, or theories in use. This international systematic review identifies gaps in existing theorisations and paths for development of the field.

The Hybrid Minds project aims to lay the foundation for a unified theoretical approach to the ethical-legal assessment of intelligent neuroprostheses. The approach is informed by the experiences and perspectives of users as well as dialogue with the neuroengineering community and other key stakeholders.


What is ethical innovation? What does it mean to be an ethical innovator? Can social values drive innovation? Over the course of the next four weeks you’ll be discussing these questions and more. Welcome to The Ethical Innovator: Ethical Practices to Guide Innovation.
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