DLL Materials and Bioengineering

Master materials and their properties, control living organisms… Conceive microstructures, biosensors… Work on fabrication processes and biological phenomenon…

The Discovery Learning Laboratory Materials and Bioengineering allows to practice on aspects going from conception to fabrication and characterisation of materials, and is proposing the basic tools of bioengineering. The laboratories is hosting interdisciplinary projects requiring these tools or at the interface between the two disciplines.

It is structures around the following points:

  • Production process of materials
  • Microstructure analysis (microscopy, indentation)
  • Characterisation of physical and mechanical properties.
  • Performances analysis including durability, recycling and life cycle analysis
  • Cellular cultures and their interaction with materials
  • Working with living organisms in a steril environment
  • Biocompatibility and viability

These workbenches offer a complete set of tools to students in order to discover the practical aspects of material science and engineering and bioengineering.