DLL Molecular – Preparative Chemistry

Laboratory environment, organic and inorganic chemistry, synthesis, physicochemical analysis

Chemistry is first and foremost an experimental science. Organic or inorganic synthesis, acid-base titration, analysis of molecules by titration, spectrophotometry, potentiometry, or by gravimetric methods are a few examples of the basic techniques that students acquire through experimentation in the chemistry labs.

Laboratory skills in chemistry are useful for various fields of study such as biology, pharmacy, forensic sciences, and material sciences. In this DLL, these different populations learn how to build a simple organic synthesis setup, how to purify a chemical compound and how to characterize it. The students also learn how to handle standard laboratory glassware, how to pipette, how to titrate, how to quantitatively transfer solids or solutions, and how to precisely and accurately weigh a sample. They perform simple quantitative analyses and use instruments such as conductometers, pH-meters, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, etc. They are building up basic know-how, while respecting good laboratory practices and safety regulations associated to preparative chemistry.

This introduction to preparative chemistry prepares students to more advanced practical courses in preparative organic or inorganic chemistry where they explore more specific and sophisticated techniques. They acquire here a complete and essential toolbox for future work in a research laboratory or in industry.

Lab equipements

Location and safety regulations

Location, building, room
Amphipôle (UNIL), CP1 (floors 2, 3 and 4)

Safety regulations
Anyone who wants to handle chemicals needs to be instructed according to the safety regulations of EPFL, DSPS and the internal regulations of ISIC/SCGC.


Training and bookings

For more information about the lab (including training on its equipment) or to reserve a time slot, please contact Julien Andres, +41 21 693 74 55.



Activities and courses

CH-108 (a)Chimie TP I
Ch-109(a)Chimie TP II
UNIL-103Chimie générale et analytique I (TP pour BIO)
UNIL-104Chimie générale et analytique I (TP pour PHA)
UNIL-105Chimie générale et analytique II (TP pour PHA)
UNIL-128Chimie TP (TP pour ESC)
CH-230Chimie organique, TP
CH-220Chimie préparative I
MSE-211Organic chemistry
Cours interprofessionnels pour laborantinsAVML
Examens apprentisDGEP