An innovative teaching approach that combines cross-disciplinary projects with hands-on learning and practical applications.

Discovery Learning Program

As a world-renowned science and technology university, EPFL must remain at the forefront of teaching practices. It is our duty to equip our students with the cross-disciplinary skills they will need to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Our Discovery Learning Program (DLP), part of the Make initiative, uses a hands-on approach in which students work together on cross-disciplinary projects, conduct experiments and build prototypes. This work is carried out at our Discovery Learning Labs (DLLs) – state-of-the-art facilities where professors and students design innovative systems for both research and industrial applications.

The DLP also gives students an opportunity to obtain guidance from professional experts and test out their ideas in special prototyping workshops.


Learning laboratories

State-of-the-art facilities for student experiments


Resources for building workable prototypes


MAKE projects

Interdisciplinary projects supported by the school


For students

Online resources to support project realization and prototyping

For teachers

A support to an innovative pedagogy promoting hands on training, project based learning and interdisciplinarity


MAKE projects coping with the COVID-19 situation

Interdisciplinary projects

Student projects rescheduled and redesigned