Student Prototyping and Outreach Tank


You are a student and have an idea of a project? Come at the welcom desk of the SPOT.

Designed as a meeting place and support for members of the EPFL student community (bachelor and master) wishing to make their projects a reality, the SPOT opened in March 2022.

Complementary to other DLLs (infrastructure supporting project based learning) and complementary of the SKIL‘s activities, it offers more than 1,500 square meters to support students’ creativity and practical projects.

Modular and accessible, large mezzanine spaces are available to give free rein to students’ creativity. These places of exchange will facilitate meeting and discussion between students and will participate in the genesis of new projects.

How to get access?? Please go on the following web page where the steps to get access are described

Make a vitual tour of the SPOT

The “Atrium” – a place for meeting and sharing expertise
A centralised space for prototyping, 400 square meters of open space on the ground floor allows students to work at their own pace on their projects. This shared space allows students to work as a team on their prototypes in direct proximity with the people who can advise them and the resources necessary for their project. Mobile furniture allows space to be reconfigured as needed and to have access to light equipment at all times.
IT infrastructure
A computer room equipped with design software enables students to formalize their concepts.
Mechanics, electronics and 3D printing workshops
Thanks to specific supervision, students have access lathes, milling machines, welding equipment, 3D printers (filament and resines), electronic assembly stations and soldering equipement to bring their projects to life. If students wants to go a step further in their project and build higher fidelity prototypes, the proximity of professional workshops (related to printed cicuit boards, additive manufacturing and mechanics) will help them in producing more complexe parts.
Seminar and course spaces
The SPOT is equipped to accommodate other teaching format (as long as it is related to prototyping) such as seminars, courses or conduct small group meetings.

A few guidelines for students for using the SPOT correctly

A few details about the SPOT to summarize:

  • More than 1’500m² available to students
  • Open spaces 24/24 and 7/7
  • 140m² of electronic workshops – equipped bins, soldering oven and pick and place machine
  • 220m² of mechanical workshop with lathes, milling machines, laser cutters
  • 115m² 3D printing room – FDM and SLA printer
  • 60m² immersive room
  • Cafeteria, free workspace, assembly area