Jupyter Notebooks For Education

Jupyter Notebooks are interactive documents that combine code, equations, visualizations and text. Versatile and flexible, they allow teachers to develop virtual demonstrations, interactive exercises or multimedia handouts very easily.

Jupyter notebooks for education

Story: virtual demonstrations in physics with Jupyter notebooks

Cécile Hébert, an associate professor of physics at EPFL, uses Jupyter Notebooks to help students visualize all the different variables involved in a physics experiment. This gives them a leg up in understanding concepts that would otherwise be hard to grasp.

Other stories

Structure modeling exercises

Guillaume Anciaux uses Jupyter Notebooks as exercise worksheets to help students learn about civil engineering.

Interactive signal processing textbook

Music is a central element in the interactive textbook designed by Paolo Prandoni to teach signal processing with Jupyter Notebooks.

Automatically graded image processing assignments

Pol del Aguila Pla uses automated grading in image processing labs based on Jupyter Notebooks.

The “Jupyter notebooks for education” project



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