DLL Engineering- photonics

Optical engineering, measurement methods, fiber optics and lasers

Our DLL in photonics is open to groups of fewer than 20 students or classes of more than 100 Bachelor’s students. Participants can conduct cross-disciplinary experiments or experiments designed for their specific section. The topics currently covered are: Fourier optics, digital holography, fiber optics, amplifiers, Fabry-Pérot interferometers, Mie scattering and lock-in techniques, micromechanical lasers, double-frequency lasers, Nd:YAG lasers, plasmonics, microwave optics, birefringence, solar-cell characterization, laser safety and optical lenses. EPFL experts and advanced equipment are also available for cross-disciplinary projects.


Equipement and user guides

  • Micro-interferometer
    • Heating stage Mettler Toledo HS82

    • Spectrometer ARCOPTIX FTNIR 0.9-2.6
    • Avantes  AvaSpec-ULS2048L-USB2- UARS
    • Optical Spectrum Analyzer  AQ-6315A/-6315B
    • Optical power meter Thorlabs PM100D
    • Optical Power meter and wavelengths meter OMM-6810B
    • Beam Profiler Thorlabs BP209-VIS_M

Access et safety rules

Training and reservation

For more information about the lab (including training on its equipment) or to reserve a time slot, send us an email by clicking on the link below:


Cours DescriptionCoursDescription
Micro 322Optical engineering IIBIOENG-444Advanced bioengineering methods laboratory
Micro 423Optics Laboratories IENG-602Optical fibers and fiber devices
Micro 424Optics Laboratories IIPHYS-611Optics and technology of liquid crystal displays
EE-395 Lab in information technologiesMICRO-421 Imaging optics

Access map