DLL Molecular – Chemical engineering

Fluid dynamics, heat exchange, energy conversion, phase change

Flow reactor

By definition, chemical engineering -or physico-chemical process engineering- refers to the application of physical and synthetic chemistry on an industrial scale.

In this chemical engineering laboratory you can find the main facilities that can be found in industry but on a smaller scale. These allow the operation of the various fundamental processes of chemical engineering to be explored and understood.

These facilities are located in a three-storey hall and can be classified in the following categories:

  • Energy Conversion (fuel cell, photovoltaic, heat pump)
  • Separation (crystallisation, filtration, continuous distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, double-effect evaporation)
  • Continuous Reactors (Catalytic flow reactor, Residence Time Distribution, Microreactors)
  • Batch reactors (parametric sensitivity)
  • Heat transfer (heat exchanger, conduction, free and forced convection)
  • Mass transfer (oxygenation of water)
  • Fluid mechanics (hydraulic pressure drop)
  • Process control (level control of a tank)





Location and safety regulations

These facilities are located in a three-storey hall in the CH building:
CH C0 396, CH C1 396, CH C2 396

Anyone who wants to handle chemicals needs to be instructed according to the safety regulations of EPFL, DSPS and the internal regulations of ISIC/SCGC.


Training and bookings

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Activities and courses

ChE-203TP-1, TP-2, TP-3, TP-4, TP-5, TP-6
ChE-309TP-1, TP-2, TP-3, TP-4, TP-5, TP-6, TP-7, TP-8
Master 1Distillation en continu
Master 2Extraction liquide
Master 3Evaporateur à double effet
Master 4Temps de résidence dans un réacteur
Master 5Micro mélangeurs


Frédéric Gumy

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