Students Projects

If you are interested in doing a Master thesis or semester project in data science, you can apply for one of the projects bellow. Your primary supervisors will be Francisco Pinto and Patrick Jermann, from the Center for Digital Education (CEDE).

List of Projects

Predict Research Collaborations based on Historical Paper Co-Authorships

Level: Master

Subject area(s): Machine learning, graph theory.

Description: The EPFL knowledge graph ( contains a historical network of paper co-authorships dating back 15+ years. The goal of this project is to use that historical data to predict, using machine learning techniques, and recommend future collaborations to our doctoral students and postdocs. NOTE: We receive many applications for our machine learning projects; keep in mind that we’ll give priority to students who have a solid mathematical knowledge of graph theory.

Pre-requisites: Proficiency in Python; experience with machine learning algorithms, including ANNs and RFs; mathematical knowledge of graph theory. Bonus if you’ve taken course(s) on discrete mathematics.

Useful tools: Python notebooks, NetworkX, Apache GraphX.

Contact: [email protected]
Please attach the grade transcripts from both your Bachelor and Master studies.