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We foster student entrepreneurship as a driver for leadership, impact and innovation. We are building the next generation of students founders with a drive for excellence, an instinct for leadership and an aspiration for societal impact.
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Our programs

EPFL Changemakers

Changemakers is our incubator program for students starting their entrepreneurial journey. The program is designed to develop your skills and bring your idea into implementation.

Master project

Develop your startup project during your master thesis and get credits

EPFL offers entrepreneurship related courses in both bachelor and master levels and the option to do your bachelor as well as master projects in your own startup.

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EPFL Blaze Accelerator

Blaze is EPFL Accelerator for fast-deploying startups. The program is designed to forward leading student startups up to a successful market launch.

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ECTS credits on entrepreneurship

EPFL offers entrepreneurship related courses in bachelor, master and doctoral levels. You also have the option to do your master project in your own startup.

Opportunities and open call

European venture programme

This intensive 12-day programme takes entrepreneurs on a journey to multiple EuroTech locations to boost their business beyond borders! Per location, there are thematic workshops and plenty of time for peer feedback and meetings with local start-ups, companies and SMEs, governmental and public organisations, academics and more.

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