Meet 2023 Trailblazers VI

The sixth edition of blaze rolled out 6 promising startup projects created by highly motivated student-entrepreneurs.

These projects demonstrated rapid deployment potential, distinctive technology and a commitment to social impact. During their participation in blaze, the student-entrepreneurs benefited from the support of leading industrial partners, cutting-edge technology experts and experienced designers.

Here’s who they are!

Martino and Davide Allegri are committed to facilitating and improving the quality control process for hard grain cheese via technology while preserving traditions. They envision a world with reduced food waste and only the best quality cheese on your plate. More info on ALDM-Tech

Spread between Switzerland and Canada, BoundaryAI is a multidisciplinary team of five co-founders (Gustave Lapierre, Victor Keroulle, Eric Saikali, Madeleine Philardeau and

Hippolyte Lapierre) that aim to revolutionize the way companies and institutions analyze qualitative feedback, uncovering hidden trends and delivering data-driven recommendations. Their cutting-edge AI-driven platform elevates qualitative feedback analysis to new heights, transforming rich, detailed insights into clear, actionable strategies.

More about BoundaryAI

Yiyuan Fang and Vincent Gherold aim to create a world where customers feel heard, happy, and problems fade into obscurity. They revolutionize client’s customer service with chatbot-like assistants to take digital service to the next level, enabling companies to save human resources, to offer consistent support to their clients and increase customer loyalty.

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Antoine Filali-Ansary and Lancelot Graulich’s software accelerates the building renovation process by automating energy diagnoses and renovation design. They make sustainable housing accessible for all through high performing renovation engineering and automated workflow. 

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Filos is an international team with co-founders located on both side of the Atlantic. Awen Kidel Pena Albert, Leo Litrico, Mehdi Bouassami and Jonathan Hsu have built an App that help you to regain control over your digital habits and reduce your phone screen time to unlock new opportunities for your personal growth. Join them on their journey towards a digitally balanced lifestyle!

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The three co-founders Aleksandr Timofeev, Tikhon Parshikov and Andrei Afonin turn blank space into your home thanks to their AI interior designer that guides you toward your place of dream. Users can set their design preferences and get a ready-to-buy realistic interior design at a competitive price instantly. Reducing the burden of moving and avoiding fruitless furniture searches and disappointment.

Valentin Ibars and his team turn waste into valuable resources thanks to their SaaS platform compatible with waste management constraints. By understanding the nature and weight of waste, they assist facilities in recognizing its potential worth and optimizing their machines, while offering them sorting KPIs to enhance recycling rates.

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