Source external services and expertise via our dedicated acceleration services. Build your prototype, gather your team, raise funds and start making impact!

Are you ready to turn your startup dreams into reality?

The EPFL Startup Booster is a unique opportunity to accelerate the time to market.

Whether you are a startup project supported by the EPFL Startup Launchpad or an EPFL startup that is in the pre-commercialization phase, you need to understand your market and get tangible feedback on the feasibility, desirable and viability of your project.

Our booster programs are designed to help you gain maturity and develop effective strategies in the project development in areas such as design & prototyping, internships, crowdfunding and first clinical validation.

By tapping into their knowledge and expertise, you can build a stronger, more competitive business and increase your chances of success.

Robot playing with human and table

Design and Prototype

We believe a compelling prototype is more impactful than any slide in your pitch deck. Benefit from collaborating with talented designers, developers and engineers to take your project to the next level.



For your medtech or life science project to succeed, de-risking is a fundamental step. De-risking will help you analyse and assess potential challenges and opportunities and help you make the right decisions at the right time.


We finance interns from different backgrounds to join startup projects incubated at EPFL labs. Benefit from extra resources, and more importantly, an outsider’s perspective and expertise on your budding idea.


Raise funds, exposure for your project and start building an engaged customer base!


EPFL Startup Launchpad

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