We regularly organize events to promote the sharing of experiences on entrepreneurial ventures and innovative projects. Our events enable networking between the academic and campus community (students, researchers and professors) and the business community (entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs and large companies).

Startup competitions

>> Venture competition

Switzerland’s leading startup competition

Innovation by Design Challenge

This competition is aimed at young companies who wish to challenge their product/service from a design perspective, as well as designers (graphic, industrial, media interaction, service, architect, etc.) who wish to contribute to an innovative project.

Startup events on campus

EPFL Connect

an event that brings together startups and entrepreneurship enthusiasts, for the benefit of the two!

Startup Champions Seed Night

Startup Champion conferences allow all audiences to discover entrepreneurship by sharing experiences and expert advice from entrepreneurs.

CONNECT Founders

Creates synergies to help sole founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, form teams of smart minds around world-changing ventures.

Pizzas and Startups

A regular conference at EPFL Innovation Park that calls on 4 young innovative companies to present their activities and achievements to the community of the Park, EPFL campus and all interested participants.



Salon des Technologies et de l’Innovation de Lausanne (STIL) gives an interesting and playful way for visitors to discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises. It is a space for dialogue around innovation and technology, and also entrepreneurship.

Imagin if!


IMAGINE IF! is a leading global competition and pre-acceleration program for science-based ventures. It provides early-stage science startups with extensive opportunities to take your venture to the next level

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Aurelie Schick
Communication and Events
Vice Presidency for Innovation