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We want to work with our entrepreneurs to explore problems and imagine new solutions – thinking bigger and thinking different to create a new future.
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Our story

As a pioneering university, EPFL focuses on entrepreneurship and the research that leads to transformational technology.

In 2005, EPFL launched the Innogrants. The program was founded on the ethos that if we support founders, the rest will follow. It was the first gap-funding program in our ecosystem.

Over the last ten years, the entrepreneurial landscape has changed dramatically. Our strengthened ecosystem has attracted talent, and startups have flourished.

We are continuously shaping our support to allow our entrepreneurs to grow and make the most out of their startup incubation journey. We have built a unique and inclusive Startup Launchpad to address the needs of both high tech and fast deployment entrepreneurial projects, providing the entrepreneurs skills and means to shape the future.

As we keep telling our startups, with growth comes new opportunities. Let’s keep innovating!

The team

Andre holds Masters in Electronics from ETHZ and PhD in Physics from EPFL. After working at IBM Research Labs in Rüschlikon, Andre joined EPFL. He is the co-founder of the EPFL’s Technology Transfer Office and part of the core team that launched the first programs for startup support in the late 90’s. Ever since, Andre continuously engaged in creating and growing instruments for accelerating and derisking the startup journey.

Isabel holds a Masters in Computer Science from EPFL. She spent over 15 years in Fortune 500 companies, implementing innovative IT services and products. Her personal drive lies in bringing technologies and talent together. Isabel had the opportunity to build and lead international teams. She joined EPFL’s enable program in 2017, rapidly becoming an active and recognized member of our innovation ecosystem.

Daphna Glaubert

Daphna holds a Masters of Architecture and a Masters of Innovation. She worked for 8 years in the architecture and design field before specializing in design and innovation management. Today, Daphna is the Design Program Manager at Startup Launchpad and her goal is to help entrepreneurs discover and validate customers as early as possible and use design tools to accelerate their time to market.

Letizia Andrioli Portrait

Letizia did her apprenticeship at EPFL and joined VPI in 2018 after working for Mediacom and Philanthropy. Since 2020, she joined the Startup Unit to support them in the management (finance and HR) of startup projects and the development of their activities.


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